Top 10 Posts from 2024.Q1

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In 2024.Q1 I wrote 40 posts covering Software, Tech, and Side Projects.

Here are the top 10 best posts (according to readers) so you don't have to sift through all of them.

Top Posts 2024.Q1

  1. HTMX vs AlpineJS - Which should you use for your web app?
  2. Why you should choose HTMX for your next web-based side project - and ditch the crufty MPA and complex SPA
  3. How this Developer’s Side Project racked up a $100k Cloud Bill on Netlify - and 5 ways to avoid the same fate
  4. Why F# is a fun programming language
  5. The HAM Stack - A Simple Scalable Tech Stack for building modern web apps fast and cheap
  6. 3 Ways Vertical Monitors Boost Focus and Productivity for Software Engineers
  7. 3 Areas I'm exploring to build more side projects faster and cheaper in 2024
  8. My journey from Software Engineer to Entrepreneur and back again
  9. Building ASP.NET apps with Tailwind CSS
  10. 5 Reasons F# is a great Python alternative for scripting, side projects, and enterprise applications


I've really enjoyed writing more, (generally) smaller posts this year. They've helped me solidify a lot of ideas, create more Simple Scalable Systems, and connect with a bunch of you along the way.

More to come in 2024.

Q: Is there a specific topic / question you've been interested in and would like to read about? This will give me ideas for things to cover in the near future.

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