I'm Hamilton (he / him / his) - a Technologist / Tinypreneur building a happy, healthy, and impactful life.

My current strategy: create things that are Fulfilling, lead to Growth, and have a Positive impact on the world.

Currently interested in:

  • (Creative) Technology
  • Tiny businesses
  • Learning / Exploring / Improving Together

Press Release

Bio for press releases etc:

Hamilton is a Technologist / Tinypreneur on a mission to make the world 1% better. His strategy is building many small experiments with (Creative) Technology and doubling down on those that work. Example Creations include browser-based audio visualizations, numerous starups, and explorations / prototypes of bleeding edge tech. In the process of Creation, he's developed many frameworks to build more effective software including the Creation Cycle (applied scientific method for the domain of creation), 3S (Simple Scalable Systems), and CloudSeed (a code boilerplate for fast, effective webservices).

Press and Awards