Intro to Pts.js: Code a flashing square

Date: 2023-08-09 | create | tech | typescript | javascript | ptsjs |

I've been exploring Pts for simple, declarative Typescript visualizations in web browsers for projects like TimeTick.

TimeTick is a memento mori esque visualization of time passing. So I wanted to have a flashing element every second to mimic a clock's second hand / represent the passing of time.

In this post we'll be exploring how to add time-based dynamism into Pts sketches, in particular:

Q: How to code a time-based flashing square in Pts?


For this example, we'll be drawing a square to the middle of our canvas and making it cycle between two states each second:

  • White with a black outline
  • Solid red

Solution Overview

You can find the full code below but I wanted to highlight a few concepts that I think will make grokking the code a bit easier.

Solution Overview

  • Create a rectangle in the middle of the page
  • Each second - increment a colorCounter
  • if colorCounter is even -> color red
  • else -> color white with black borders

Specific Concepts

  • Tempo - Provides a hook to execute something on a tempo (beats per minute). This is a fascinating approach to animation / synchronization pulled from audio / music land. You essentially create a time-based hook (via tempo) that you can then have execute arbitrary code on each "beat". We'll use this to increment a counter to tell us what "state" our square is in and thus what color it should be.
  • Rectangle.from(...) - Everything in Pts is a... Pt. So to create higher-ordered shapes (e.g. square, circle, etc) we actually create the pts that define them. Pts provides many helper functions to make creating these Pts a bit easier and Rectangle is one of those, creating the Pts that define this rectangle based on your inputs.
  • Fill / Stroke - Once you have a Pt / Group of Pts you can draw them to your Space. We use this


I've copied and pasted the code I used to run this example below. I would recommend copying it into the Pts code playground and playing around with edits to further explore how it works.

* Draws a flashing square to the canvas

(function() {

  // Pts quick start mode.
    var run = Pts.quickStart( "#pt", "#fff" ); 

    const rectangleSize = 25

    let oneSecondTempo = new Tempo(60)
    let colorCounter = 0

    oneSecondTempo.every(1).start((count) => {
        colorCounter = count


    run( (time, ftime) => {

        const rectangle = Rectangle.from(

        if(colorCounter % 2 === 0) {
                .stroke("#A71930 ")
                .fill("#A71930 ")
        } else {


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