HAMINIONs - Exclusive access to project code and discounts

Date: 2023-01-17 | shares | hamy-labs | haminions

Become a HAMINION (BuyMeACoffee)

Becoming a HAMINION is the best way to support the ongoing creation and sharing of HAMY LABS projects. The more support these get, the more time I can spend researching, iterating, and improving these creations and related artifacts / tutorials / code.

In return for your support, HAMINIONs get exclusive access to discounts on all projects and access to full source code for all the tutorials / examples / experiments I create.

In essence, you're investing in HAMY LABS creations and you get priority access to all of them.

  • You give: HAMINION subscription (HAMINIONs on BuyMeACoffee)
  • You get:
    • Access to full source code from all tutorials and experiments (YouTube, HAMY.LABS)
    • Discounts on all products
    • Continued HAMY LABS experiments and shares


Q: Why are you making a membership subscription?

HAMY LABS is my infinite game. Ideally I would devote the rest of my life to building experiments with code and sharing the results. That's what I intend to do.

But I need money to do this. Money isn't everything but I do need it to eat and pay for electricity / internet in order to sustainably play this game. Until I can make HAMY LABS ramen profitable, it simply can't be my main game - it's too risky.

I believe that good capitalism is conscientious capitalism - essentially a net win for everyone. As such I've been looking for ways to provide income while providing a lot of value in return.

A membership seems like a good way to do this. It allows people who value these creations to invest in their continued creation and quality. In return I can give back exclusive deals / access to them.

This seems like it creates a virtuous cycle - a win-win of value creation.

Q: Will other perks be added to the HAMINION membership?

Probably! I've never done a membership subscription like this so I'm still figuring it out.

The hope is to make the HAMINION membership as valuable and sustainable as possible. The current plan is to continue adding new discounts and project source code as I create them which should provide ongoing increased value.

But I'll need help figuring out what's working and what's not so please provide any feedback you have!

Q: How do I support HAMY LABS?

Currently the best way to support HAMY LABS is to join the HAMINION membership program. This provides funds to allow me to focus more time and resources on it.

The next best way is to continue engaging with the content / creations I put out!