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On this page, we'll explore sponsorship options for HAMY LABS.

Sponsorship Options

There are two options for sponsorships:

  • Website Monthly Logo Sponsor - $50
  • Single Post Pre-roll mention - $50

HAMY LABS Audience

HAMY LABS is a tech lab where I research, build, and market side projects and share about what I've learned.

It focuses on Simple Scalable Systems for improving business and tech operations.

Content Categories:

  • Technology - Building with specific tech Cloud, Programming, libraries, etc
  • Business - Building and running side project businesses
  • Productivity - Creation Cycles for building better projects more efficiently

Example posts:

Content medium:

Monthly Stats: (updated 2024.03.12)

  • Monthly Views: 30.8k
    • Website: 8.8k
    • YouTube: 22k
  • Unique Monthly Visitors (UMV): 21.5k
    • Website: 5.5k
    • YouTube: 16k

Website Monthly Logo Sponsor

Purchase: Website Monthly Logo Sponsor

Price: $50 per month


  • Logo with link in Sponsors section
  • Appears at the bottom of every post on my site and shown at the end of every video.

ETA: ~1 week

Required Info:

  • Logo image (jpeg or png)
  • Target link

Single Post Pre-roll Mention

Purchase: Single Post Pre-roll Mention

Price: $50 per mention


  • Short blurb (2 sentences) with a link to the sponsor
  • You can provide a target category / subject for the mention
  • I will rewrite the blurb to better fit in with the post

ETA: ~1 weeks (depends on content queue)

Required Info:

  • Target Content Category and subject (Tech - Cloud, Business - Startup Software Development, etc)
  • Short 2 sentence blurb
  • Target Link


Will the post say it's sponsored?

Yes - all sponsorships will show they are sponsored in some form. This is good for being transparent and also ensuring everything is legal.

What sponsorships are allowed?

In general I will only accept sponsors that:

  • Are good for the world
  • I like / have used
  • Are relevant to my audience / content buckets

This is better for everyone involved - audience only sees good things, I protect my brand / sanity, and good sponsors are protected.

How are cancellations / refunds handled?

In general I hope to avoid refunds as much as possible by providing simple, cheap, and low-maintenance sponsorship options however there may be times that things just don't work out.

I reserve the right to cancel any sponsorships if it turns out to be a bad fit and allow sponsors to do the same.

Full Refunds will be given minus a 10% fee to cover transaction costs / time investments. If a sponsorship is canceled - corresponding links / mentions will be removed.

I have more questions - how can I contact you?

You can contact me via my social profiles (full list).

Or if you prefer email: yo [at] hamy.xyz

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