2024.02: Release Notes

Date: 2024-03-03 | reflect | release-notes |

  • Highlight: HAMY LABS YouTube got monetized!
  • Lowlight: Some people on the internet are not very nice
  • Bud: TravelMap is out now and getting some usage


Been reading a lot:

  • Million Dollar Weekend - Good, scrappy advice for launching small bets with high potential fast. I tweaked my Project lifecycle a bit after reading.
  • Dungeon Crawler Carl - Great easy-to-read sci-fi with surprisingly deep themes, story, and world. Closest thing to Cradle I've found so far.

Did a bit of travel

  • Mexico City - last month
  • San Diego / SF - last month
  • Mountain weekend - this month

Mostly thinking ab how to make travel and my routines coexist. I love my routines and travel is good in moderation but always seem to come into conflict.


  • Business - Work going well, still launching a few things personally
  • Tech - TravelMap is live
  • Shares - Really enjoying sharing smaller things more often and I got monetized! It's not a lot of money but it has provoked a lot of thoughts about where I go from here.

Top Posts 2024.02:


Ugh taxes are upon us.


2024.Q1 Review next month - stay tuned.

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