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SMASH_THE_BUTTON is a website that allows you to smash the living daylights out of a button and see a satisfying counter increase.

  • You: Boop
  • It: ++

I built it as an experiment in building simple, reliable, and performant real-world services in a functional programming paradigm using fsharp.

How it was built

I built SMASH_THE_BUTTON in a mostly FP style. Its general architecture intentionally resembles CloudSeed as I'm considering migrating it to fsharp and it's the most efficient software architecture I've found for most things.

  • Frontend - Svelte / SvelteKit
  • Backend - Fsharp / Dotnet
    • Web framework - Giraffe
    • DB ORM - Dapper, Postgres
  • DB - Postgres
  • Hosting: Google Cloud - Cloud Run containers + Hosted Postgres

Further Reading:

Other Notes

  • Naming - I originally wanted to call it PushTheButton but all the domains were being parked and sold for >$10k and HAMY LABS is too #poor for that so I opted for the $2 smash url

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