What cord should you use with the Lenovo M14 ThinkVision Monitor?

Date: 2024-07-24 | create | tech | electronics | m14 |

I use the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 portable monitor as a core part of my mobile workstation.

In this post we'll explore which cord / connector you should use with it.

What cord does the Lenovo M14 use?

Choosing the right cord is important as the Lenovo M14 is a bit picky about what it works with. If you use one without the right specs you'll run into the common "Standby Mode" problem rendering your monitor essentially useless.

From my research and experience with the M14 monitor, it needs a cord that supports DisplayPort capabilities so it can provide both power and video inputs. This can be a hard capability to search for though as often the USB-C results will be get drowned out by DisplayPort cords which is not what we want.

So instead I recommend searching for a cable that supports a spec that itself supports DisplayPort:

  • USB4
  • Thunderbolt

Personally I picked up this USB4 / Thunderbolt USB-C cable from Belkin and it's worked well for me so far. But any USB-C connector that supports DisplayPort should work for your M14.


I really like my M14 as a super lightweight and portable extra monitor. It fits in my backpack along with my two laptops (one personal, one work) which is a necessary feature for me. I'm a bit spoiled with my at-home workstation so this helps make computer work on the go a little more bearable.

Q: What does your travel workstation look like? What's your favorite gadget for travel productivity?

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