2023.Q1 Review

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  • Atlanta
  • NYC Adventures
  • Vegas
  • Switzerland + London


We've been really focused on seeing people more regularly here in NYC and abroad. It's been fun =)


I've been digging into AI a lot. In some ways it's overhyped like web3 was but I think there's a lot of usecases we'll likely normalize into lifecycles for years to come.

I don't know which usecases will still be useful in a year's time but I do think that getting more exposure in this stuff now is a nice edge to have. Currently exploring AI for coding and writing - cause those are areas I have experience in where I can see some benefits.


I quit my job as a software engineer at Reddit. I wasn't there long (just under 4 months) and it comes right on the heels of quitting my job as a software engineer at Instagram back in 2022.11. Ultimately I realized that if I stayed on the vector I was on, I would not be able to achieve my goals for 2023 which puts me further off track for my visions for 2025.

I don't think there was one thing that led to this decision, rather it's something I'd been evaluating over time. Like many of my decisions, it happened very slowly for awhile then came to fruition all at once.

I don't know what the future looks like, but I'm taking 2023 to try and figure that out. My mandates:

  • Build - Try out my Endless Game and see where it takes me
  • Learn - Dive deep into my interests and knock out some bucket list items
  • Explore - Figure out what I want to do. What does 2024 look like with this new knowledge?



  • Revenue: $0 [⚠️ - $200 goal]
  • Businesses Shipped: 2 [⚠️ - 3 goal]

Business remains a core focus and has become ever more important as this is my bet for my long-term Endless Game. A primary goal this year is to try to achieve Ramen Profitability - where my Businesses support the life I want to live.

My businesses made a mere $165 in 2022, so I've got a long way to go to achieve this goal.


  • HAMINIONs - A membership for supporters providing exclusive access to project code and discounts
  • CreationCycle - An experiment in productizing templates I've created to make product lifecycles more efficient

I'm focusing on producing many small business bets (tiny businesses) to try and find something that works. The idea is that I suck at businesses right now but the more you create the better you get and ultimately everyone's just guessing about what works anyway. So more bets helps me make better bets and ideally one of these bets actually works.


Sometimes I think I get too focused on making things effective / efficient and lose the fun in things. I love building shit but I haven't really been building shit this past year.

It wasn't until I put together a full list of my projects over the past 10 years that I realized how boring / unpassionate my Creations had become (esp when compared to my 2019-2020 period). Logically it makes sense to focus on these boring things that make money but ultimately the products were kinda blah and I wasn't having fun making them.

I think this pivot to solopreneurship / tinypreneurship full time is a perfect time to try and get my passion for building back. I think it'll actually lead to better / more effective creations, plus I'll enjoy my cycles a bit more.



  • Views = 21,510 [⚠️ - 25k goal]
    • hamy.xyz - 10,982
    • YouTube - 10,528

I've really started enjoying my Shares again. I think I'd lost this a bit in 2022 cause I was focused on trying to get views - this really led to some cringey, corporate-sounding shares that didn't perform well and I didn't enjoy making.

But recently I've been more focused on things I like, that I'm already doing, and that I'm interested in digging further into. My content hasn't done quite as well engagement wise but I do think it's a lot more genuine, quality, and fun so I'm marking it up as a win.

Top shares in 2023.Q1:

I've been playing around with short-form video more both as an experiment to reach more people and as a challenge to condense my messages into more entertaining snippets. It's definitely a weird format for me and I don't know if it'll ever feel completely natural but I do think I've learned a lot from the experience, the engagement results are promising, and it's pretty enjoyable so I'll keep posting.

You can find these Shorts on:

Shares are both a core satisfaction of mine and a core part of my strategy (it's like the only marketing I do) so planning on devoting time each week to this.




  • Exercise: 64% [⚠️ - 70% goal]

I'm feeling relatively healthy. I continue to exercise less, but more often (typically 4+ times each week) and have been eating a little healthier with more home-cooked meals.


My finances are fine but I'm preparing for a total shitshow this year. I am planning for essentially no income this year (which means negative money cause of life expenses) plus I still think we have high chances of a recession which could wreck portfolios.

On the bright side, I've done a lot of financial planning over the years so I'm in a decent place to hedge these risks. I can't do it forever (my game isn't quite endless yet) but I can definitely wait til 2024 til income becomes crucial.


I'm not sure what I want to do with my life but I know that what I've been doing for the past two years doesn't seem like it (at least not in my current phase). I'm focused on really exploring what it is I think I want to do and trying it out.

Leaving my job was the first step but now I actually have to figure out what's next. I think there's a non-zero chance that I ultimately end up going back to doing what I was doing before. But I think some contrast will provide clarity and lead to higher satisfaction for whatever's next.

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