Date: 2020-05-16 | projects | vicidual | audio-reactive | art |

what is it?

vicidual is an audio-reactive visualization platform that runs directly in your browser. This means it can provide audio visuals to you on any device anywhere in the world, assuming you have internet connection.

how can I get it?

It's free and available now at

how was it built?

I built vicidual with a tech stack that I'm pretty used to - no need to learn new things for this if the current tech stack works perfectly.

  • Netlify - I'm using Netlify for hosting because it's free, easy, and just works. Read more about how I host my sites on Netlify.
  • NextJS x MaterialUI - Frontend is a necessary thing but over the years I've found it's gotten more and more complicated with respect to builds and boilerplate. NextJS takes care of a lot of that boilerplate for me so I can just get going and MaterialUI does much the same for styling - this is my go-to starter package for new apps as it's fast to set up and provides pretty much everything I'd ever need (even if it's a little overkill for these small projects)
  • p5js - I wanted to provide a way to continually build and share the visualizations I've been creating, which I've mostly been building with p5js (for examples monoform and maudern) so I leveraged iFrames to enable the display (and possible interaction with) any web-based visualization.

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