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TimeDrip is visualizes time spent watching it.

  • As you watch, timespent is logged
  • TimeSpent is visualized on globe at its approximate location
  • Black means time spent has been logged, red means active time spent being logged (~watching live)

Where to find it

Live now at timedrip.xyz

How it's Built

Built with CloudSeed as per usual.

  • Frontend - SvelteKit with Threejs
  • Backend - F# / Giraffe and .NET

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Fun parts:

  • Lots of caching / queueing - I want this thing to be like an embodiment of a Monolith which means it should be able to withstand quite a lot over a long period of time with very little effort. So I super overengineered it to limit e2e load via in memory caches and queues. Fun study of concurrent w F#.

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