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thevalueofmoney is live at

what is it?

thevalueofmoney is a hub for various calculators / calculations / data surrounding the question of "What is the value of money?".

MoneyOverTime Calculator is the first calculator which calculates and graphs the value of money over a given time horizon, with options to control additional investments, investment frequency, and interest rates.

why was it built?

I think a lot about money, not because I think it's the most important thing in the world, but because I know that it underlies almost every interaction that occurs in the world. It's not something that I always try to optimize for but it is something that I'm very careful to manage so that it doesn't become a hindrance in my pursuits now or in the future.

As a part of these common thoughts, I often wonder about the expected value of different monetary tradeoffs. Should I get this coffee? What am I really sacrificing by buying my lunch at this restaurant vs making my own dinner?

These calculations aren't hard per se, but they are a bit tedious so I wanted to build a one-stop shop for quickly getting these answers to my common questions.

Thus thevalueofmoney was born.

how was it built?

I'm currently using:

  • NextJS - web framework
  • Netlify - hosting

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