The Creation Cycle

Date: 2022-05-30 | creation-cycle | product | systems |

The Creation Cycle is a generic process by which any form / scope of creation can effectively implement iterations of continuous impact and learning. I believe it's the most effective way to create meaningful things.

Diagram of The Creation Cycle

Diagram of The Creation Cycle

  • Observe - Understand the domain.
  • Create - Execute on the domain's most important Problems and Opportunities.
  • Reflect - Learn from this Cycle. Improve the next Cycle.
  • Share - Share Cycle's outcomes with the world.


  • You do not have to go through the Creation Cycle in the order listed, though typically this is the order it's used in
  • The Creation Cycle is built to be iterative. When one Cycle ends, the next begins.
  • The Creation Cycle is useful at every scope and is likely best used in recursive iterations

Example Usage - Multiple Scopes:

  • Creation Cycle for top-level business roadmap
    • Creation Cycle for each org's roadmap
      • Creation Cycle for each team's roadmap
        • Creation Cycle for each individual feature

Personally, I use the Creation Cycle to structure most of my life's processes.

  • Planning and coding software features
  • Ideating and validating businesses
  • Ideating and writing blog posts
  • Personal reflections and life plans

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