Simple Orbits

Date: 2023-04-29 | create | ctech | projects | simple-orbits |

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SimpleOrbits is a naive simulation of symmetrical orbits. It leverages generative techniques to create a large opportunity space of outputs.

Where to Find it

Select outputs are shared on IG:

How it's Built

Primary technologies:

  • SvelteKit - Currently my favorite frontend.
  • Three.js - Wanted to get back into CTECH and wanted a library that could be leveraged for many different outputs. SimpleOrbits is largely 2D but I like the idea of easily being able to switch to 3D or 2D via 3D orthographic.

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I'm basically creating a series of Orbits (Object3D) which each contain a number of OrbitalBodies (Object3D) and then update them on each animation loop.

As of SimpleOrbits_3 I'm building the orbit rings with Ring geometries and funnily enough the OrbitalBodies are actually spheres using an OutlinePass to get their 2D look. This is probably super inefficient and better served with a Ring but I wanted to play with styles / Three.js capabilites.

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