Semantic UI React: Using NextJS Links in a Semantic UI Menu

Date: 2019-07-02 | semantic-ui | react | tutorial | nextjs


I'm building an app with NextJS and Semantic UI React. I am trying to create a header menu that links to individual NextJS pages, but can't figure out how to make the links work. How can I get the NextJS Link elements to work with the Semantic UI React Menu element?


Luckily the Semantic UI React Menu isn't very opinionated about what gets put inside of it. Really it's just there for styling purposes. As such, we can put anything in there, including the NextJS Link that's used for navigation.

An example of a NextJS Link (and a normal HTML link for reference) inside a Semantic UI React Menu would look something like the following:

    <Link href="/">
            name="This is the NextJS Link">
    <Menu.Item position="right">
        <a href="">
            This is the normal link

did this help?

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