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Date: 2022-04-23 | unity | record | video |

In this post I'm going to sho you how to record your Unity scenes right from the Unity editor - no code or 3rd party packages required. This is the same method I use to produce high quality renders of my own scenes.

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Table of Contents

Unity Recorder

Unity Recorder is a free package built and maintained by Unity Technologies (the creators of Unity) expressly for recording your Unity scenes.

I use and recommend it because it's:

  • Trustworthy - Free and maintained by the creators of Unity
  • High Quality - Renders directly from your scene, no intermediaries required
  • Easy - Works directly from your editor

Setup Unity Recorder

Now let's setup Unity Recorder so we can record your scene.

1. Create your Scene

I'm using Unity's built-in 3D Core template to keep things as simple as possible. You can use an existing scene you've created or start from a template like I did.

Unity Recorder works with the built-in renderer, URP, and HDRP so it should work with your project as well.

2. Download Unity Recorder

  • Window > Package Manager
  • Packages: In Project -> Packages: Unity Registry
  • Find Unity Recorder in the list, select it, and click Install

3. Add it to your editor window

  • Window > General > Recorder > Recorder Window
  • Position the window where you'd like it

Record your Scene

Now that we have Unity Recorder set up in our projects, we can use it to record our scene.

1. Add a Recorder

Recorders are the different ways Unity Recorder can capture our scene. The main ones are:

  • Movie - Generates a video
  • Image - Generates a sequence of images
  • GIF - Generates a GIF

For now, let's go with Movie.

2. Hit Record

  • Set Capture.Source = Game View - this will tell Unity Recorder to use the Game View as the source for the video it will record
  • Hit the play button
  • Hit it again (or stop your scene) to stop recording

3. Check your new Recording

You should now have a recording of your scene in the output path configured into Unity Recorder.

Next Steps

I typically record Unity scenes of my generative art. Get started with generative art in Unity with Unity: Procedural Generation with Unity3D and C#

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