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In 2020 and 2021 we faced numerous polarizing crises around race, politics, religion, philosophy, science, etc. Humanity's proclivity to tribalism was on full display, catalyzed by the societal and technological systems we've built for ourselves that tend to magnify this cycle rather than subvert it.

Labeled Intentions explores this emotionally-charged, often subconscious tribalism (and underlying judgementalism) that our species subscribes to. It does this through the use of labels that are inanimate out of context yet evoke our biases and assumptions when juxtaposed onto a human body, focusing on those labels prominent in today's conceptual tribes - labels are worn proudly, weaponized, and used to confuse / misdirect. The intention is to force the observer of these labels to feel the emotion, biases, and assumptions that arise within them, indicative of the baggage they've attached to these otherwise mundane words in order to draw awareness to the power and consequence of this paradigm and, further, to tribalism writ large.

These are labels with intention. Thus Labeled Intentions.

Some scenarios I've been thinking of that I find interesting:

  • The word 'WHITE' or 'BLACK'. Put it on a white person. Put it on a black person.
  • The word 'PLEASURE'. Wear it to a rave. Wear it to church. Wear it in public.
  • The word 'INTENTION'. Wear it to yoga. Get drunk with it.

These designs are heavily influenced by the work of Virgil Abloh and his signature labels. It's a cool concept - one I've had a lot of fun playing with. In talking with connections before releasing Labeled Intentions I've already been accused of being another white man exploiting and appropriating the work of a black man. Perhaps I am. I'm not sure and also am not sure that it's my place, right, or within my ability to make that call.

What I am sure of is that art should be created and released. If that strikes a cord / causes an uproar - all the better. Art's purpose is to explore our infinite realities and the journeys we take within them. The pain / outrage associated with that can only mean we have more exploration and reflection to do.

Ars Gratia Artis



  • Design - I wrote a script to convert my labels into their appropriate designs with consistent typography, alignment, and versions. Built with Python and PIL very similar to some previous Python PIL work I've done: Generative Art in Python with PIL.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution - I'm still using Shopify and Printful for this. Read more: How I make and sell clothes online


Next steps

[] Have thoughts?

[] Have ideas for more Labeled Intention triptychs?

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