Hugo: Where is my sitemap located?

Date: 2019-02-18 | hugo | sitemap | tutorial | troubleshoot |


I'm generating my blog with Hugo (the static site generator) and want to take a look at my google search rankings via the Google Search Console. Where does my sitemap.xml get generated to?


Hugo is highly customizable (one of its virtues!) so the answer really depends on how your site (and in particular the theme you're building with) is configured. You can check the Hugo docs to learn more. That being said, the majority of sites will have their sitemaps generated to


For example, I currently run and its sitemap is located at Go ahead, take a look!

If you can't find it in one of those locations, your best bet is to go searching for sitemap within your configured theme to see if you can't figure out where they re-routed the output.

Happy hunting!


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