Hack: How to clone a shape

Date: 2019-08-05 | hack | php | shape | tutorial |


I'm writing Hack (that PHP variant) and trying to figure out how to clone an object / shape such that I can modify my new version without affecting the old version. I've searched through the standard libraries and couldn't find anything that looked like it had this functionality. How do I do this?


The key is that objects aren't really referenced by new variables, rather they're aliased by them. For instance, let's say I have an object type of ValHolder that just has a value in it. If I create a var with a new one, then create a new var that is assigned to the old var, then change the val of the new var, the old var will be unaffected.


$a = new ValHolder(5); // we'll say that this sets the internals of ValHolder to 5
$b = $a;

echo "$a = ";var_dump($a->getValue()) // 5
echo "$b = ";var_dump($b->getValue()) // 10

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