Darktable: 4:5 image aspect ratio for Instagram vertical

Date: 2020-10-12 | darktable | aspect-ratio |


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I post a lot of photos on Instagram and many of them are vertical. I'm new to Darktable and trying to figure out how to crop my photos to be 4:5 aspect ratio - the same aspect ratio that is used for Instagram vertical images. How can I crop my images so that they fit the IG vertical image aspect ratio?


Doing this in Darktable is simple, though not necessarily obvious.

First go to the cropping mode in darkroom:

  • Go to your image in darkroom by double clicking your image in lighttable or navigating to your image from within darkroom
  • Go to the crop and rotate mode by selecting the basic group on the toolbar in the right panel and then expanding crop and rotate
  • Click the aspect row to get a dropdown of different aspect ratios to choose from
  • Choose the one that starts with 5:4. You'll note that this will give you a selection box that is in the 5:4 aspect ratio but that it is horizontal, not vertical.
  • Click the reverse arrow in the aspect row. This will 'flip' the orientation of the aspect ratio, turning the original 5:4 aspect ratio into the desired 4:5 aspect ratio


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