CASE STUDY: Live from quarantine - Griffin Hanekamp x monoform

Date: 2020-04-16 | projects | monoform | cases |

For those following along, I haven't exactly been idle during quarantine. So far I've published coronation - a data monolith visualizing the spread of coronavirus around the globe - and covidart - a series of art creations under HamForGood with 80% of the proceeds benefitting those affected by and fighting the COVID-19 virus.

But just because I've been doing coronatine-related things doesn't mean I've let go of any of my goals. On the contrary, I've actually found this time to be a perfect time to jump on some more collabs that have been sitting on the back burner.

One such collab was working with my good friend Griffin Hanekamp to visualize his newest mix 2020.04.11 Live from Quarantine.

Here's the visualization:

I built this on top of monoform, a minimalist visualizer built around the display of 3d objects. Due to the mix title and #times, I thought it'd be fun to toss in a virus model and see how it worked. I think it went well.

In the process I also overhauled the sound engine, giving it a sense of "velocity". Real objects don't move with absolute position, but instead have velocities at which they traverse this plane. Adding in this velocity and adding capping rules to optimize for eye and screen capture yielded a much smoother bounce and a much more pleasing visualization.

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