How to Breed Pals 400x Faster (and Avoid 100s of Hours of Grinding in Palworld)

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Breeding in Palworld is broken. It's the only way to get the strongest Pals - making them 30-50% stronger, faster, and more efficient than their base peers. But it also takes a very, very long time making this process frustrating and mostly inaccessible to anyone without hundreds of hours to blow on a videogame.

I was personally victimized by this system when I attempted to get a strong and fast Quivern I'd be happy maining in my party for the rest of the game. After about a dozen hours of breeding left me with 50 Quiverns, none of which had the Swift perk I was looking for, I decided this was no longer fun and looked for alternatives.

Here I'll share the techniques I used to speed up this process by 400x - netting me the perfect Quivern in about 1 hour of breeding.

How breeding in Palword works

The breeding pipeline in Palword essentially goes like this:

Raw Materials -> Make Cake -> Breed two Pals -> Incubate egg -> new Pal

The new Pal you get is some combination of the parent Pals with some mutations involved. This means in most cases you'll get some combination of traits from the parents and sometimes you'll get a new trait not present on either.

In my experience it takes about 200 iterations to go from two starting Pals to the perfect Pal you want. This includes swapping new, better Pals you create with the parents that have traits closer to the one you want.

Palworld Breeding Pipeline

If we look at the pipeline again, it takes about 125 minutes to breed a single Pal on the high end (large, rare Pals).

  • Farm Raw Materials - Essentially free if you've optimized your setup (horizontally w efficient workers) so it doesn't bottleneck
  • Make cake - Essentially free if you've optimized your setup enough (horizontally w multiple cook pots, high level kindling Pals, and several ranching Pals) though this is a bit harder to optimize than raw materials
  • Breed two Pals - Takes about 5 minutes for bigger, rarer Pals. Smaller, more common ones are a bit shorter.
  • Incubate egg - 2 hours for bigger, rarer Pal eggs. Smaller ones are much shorter - anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes.

To keep things simple we're going to focus on the worst case where we breed big, rare Pals which is where you'll prob spend a lot of time in the mid-late game. For these we can see an optimized operation is bottlenecked on breeding and incubating eggs at about 2h 5m (125 mins) per egg. If we try to get a perfect Pal using this pipeline assuming it takes ab 200 iterations to get there - this will take us about 25000 minutes or 400h PER PAL!

Ain't nobody got time for that - esp when you factor in having a party size of 5

Make breeding 25x faster by removing incubation times

The easiest and most effective thing you can do is remove egg incubation times. This is a world setting that comes with vanilla Palworld and allows you to remove that nasty 2 hour egg incubation bottleneck from the breeding pipeline.

How to remove egg incubation times in Palworld:

  • World Select
  • Select your world
  • Change World Settings
  • Custom Settings
  • Time (h) to incubate Massive egg -> 0

Doing this makes our breeding pipeline drop from 125 minutes to 5 minutes -> about 25x faster.

Palworld Breeding Pipeline - no Incubation

That said, we're still bottlenecked on the breeding process. 5 minutes doesn't seem like a lot but when you need to do it 200 times, that's still 1000 minutes or 16 hours per Pal.

Still ain't nobody got time for that - that's like 2 weeks of a full-time job (80 hours) just to fill your party of 5.

Make breeding 400x faster by removing breeding times

This is the state I was in trying to perfect my Quivern. I'd spent 10+ hours breeding it and still only had 2 of the 4 traits I wanted.

So I went to the internets for help and found a Mod that semed good: Palworld Faster Breeding mod

This mod:

  • Removes the need for cake to breed - This removes a large source of complexity from the breeding pipeline cause you can use berries instead
  • Reduces the breeding time to 1s - This removes the final large bottleneck from our pipeline

There are other mods out there that let you simply edit the Pals directly but I like this one because it uses the same base game mechanics so feels less like cheating and more like Quality of Life improvements.

Using this mod reduced breeding time from 5 minutes down to 1s, making the bottleneck me.

Palworld Breeding Pipeline - No Incubation or Breeding

This means that theoretically you could breed your perfect Pal and the 200 Pals it requires in about 200s or 5 minutes. Now in reality this isn't quite true because you start getting bottlenecked by other things:

  • Incubation time is actually closer to 5s than 0s due to inventory navigation time and because you must hold a button down to incubate.
    • 200 * 5s = 17 minutes
  • You will need to empty your Palbox multiple times (at least I did) and each requires a trip to the Pal merchant to sell them off. I had to do this ab 2-3 times for each Pal breed (I had ab 75 free spots) and each took me about 5 minutes
    • 3 * 5 mins = 15 minutes
  • You will need to swap out the parents as you find better ones. In my experience I had to do about 5 swaps to get to the perfect Pal traits, each taking maybe 1 minute
    • 5 * 1 min = 5 minutes
  • You will likely need to collect more berries - ab 200 berries for each pal. I'll guesstimate this doesn't take much more than 2 mins.
    • 2 minutes

So in total we get about 40 minutes for perfecting a Pal, assuming you're doing nothing else. In reality this is probably closer to like 1 hour cause we're not robots.

So breeding this way is certainly not free but MUCH better than the 400h alternative, netting us a pipeline that's about 400x faster.

How to Install Palworld mods on Steam

  • Go to Palworld Faster Breeding mod on Nexus Mods
  • Click the Files tab and select the version you want - I chose FastBreeding (1 second) and Berries
  • Select Manual Download
  • Extract the .pak file - we'll need this to modify the game
  • Find your game install location - via Steam you can do this by going to Library -> Palworld -> Manage -> Properties -> Installed Files -> Browse
  • Navigate to the folder for mods -> Palworld/Pal/Content/Paks
  • Paste the mod's .pak file into the folder

You should now have the mod installed so next time you spin up Palworld, you'll be able to breed faster.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with this mod in any way and cannot vouch for its efficacy. I've personally used it and it worked but you always need to be careful downloading and installing stuff from the internet. NexusMods is generally safe and has several safeguards like human endorsements and automated scans to find bad ones but you should always be a little careful.


Yesterday I was able to breed my perfect Quivern and Mossanda in about 2 hours. I'm currently working on Lunaris and will probably round out my ideal party later today. Without these techniques, I would have never been able to get the Pals I wanted but with them the game feels fun again and I get to play it with the team I want.

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