This Zonai Vehicle solos Lynels (Zelda TOTK)

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is filled with baddies trying to kill you from lowly Bokoblins to gauntlets of armored Lynels. This means at the very least you'll need to master some movesets to beat them and likely also do a lot of farming for powerful weapons / gear.

In this post we'll explore the question: Is there a smarter (read: lazier) way to do this?

Answer: The LandCruiser

I've been experimenting with a bunch of different Zonai machines to try and find a land vehicle that can cheese most enemies. The LandCruiser passes in most dimensions and is even able to solo Lynels (it also soloed the 4 Lynel gauntlet of Flying Colisseum).

It optimizes for weaponry and protection and isn't too bad at navigating the map either (at least compared to other land-based vehicles).

In the rest of this post we'll explore what it's good at and how to build it.

How to build the LandCruiser

The LandCruiser:

  • 1 Cart
  • 1 Steering Stick
  • 4 Big Wheels
  • 3 Sleds
  • 2 Construct Heads
  • 8 Beam Emitters
  • 2 Cannons

This thing is a maximalist powerhouse that tries to pack as much firepower as it can while maintaining good protection and mobility.

If you're low on battery / Zonai devices / fighting lower level enemies, you can alter this design to use less cannons / beam emitters to conserve on resources.

A few highlights for this build before we go into what it's good for:

  • Big Wheels are used so that it can go over more obstacles / not get stuck. Small wheels are faster but often tend to get stuck more and the last thing you want to do in the middle of a boss fight is get stuck / flip your ride.
  • 3 Sleds - Original designs had 4/5 sleds to completely cut off the driver from any enemies. However through experimentation 3 sleds is plenty, protecting you from essentially all attacks except for unblockables (like a Construct / Gleeok landing on you). In fact it's so good that you can usually stop driving in the middle of combat, wait for your battery to recharge, then resume driving without taking any damage.
  • The cannons are used to break armor. As you progress through the game there will be more enemies that spawn with armor that beam emitters cannot hurt. The cannons provide an easy way to break that armor so the rest can do their job. Note: Beams can blow up cannonballs in flight so this machine is designed to try and get the flight path of each as far from each other as is reasonable.

What's the LandCruiser good at?

Decent navigation + power efficiency

As far as land-based vehicles go, the LandCruiser is about as fast, versatile, and power efficient as you can get. It utilizes a cart as its base to limit weight and 4 big wheels to improve the kinds of terrain it can handle. Land-based vehicles generally are much more power efficient than air so this also allows us to max out the battery suitable for other things (like weapons).

Note that the beam emitters and cannons do sap a good deal of energy - though if they're firing it's likely a good use of your energy as there's enemies within range. If energy is a bottleneck, you can alter the design to use less weapons and thus less energy.

Killing mobs

Due to the bias towards weapons, the LandCruiser cheeses all mobs of regular enemies through silver rank. It can even takeout boss bokoblins with little problem - just make sure to leave some room between you and the enemy so they can't hit you.

Armored enemies will start popping up as you get later in the game and the cannons do a decent job of shredding this armor so the beam emitters can do their job. Beam emitters generally do more damage than cannons so we only have enough cannons to break armor efficiently.

Since mobs are the most common grouping of enemies and typically spawn near bases full of resources - this is a great way to farm lots of enemy drops (including Zonaite).

Killing bosses

As the title of this post implies, the LandCruiser is good for more than just killing regular enemies - it's also good at cheesing a variety of bosses.


  • Lynels - The LandCruiser shreds Lynels if you ensure they don't get close enough to roar which despawns any Zonai devices near them. Interestingly, I've found that if you stay a decent distance away during the fight the Lynels will actually lose sight and awareness of you due to the height of the Sled walls. This allows you to slowly chip away at even the toughest Lynels with little work (I was able to cheese the entire Lynel gauntlet of Flying Colisseum this way).
  • Stalnox / Hynox - As long as you have a decent amount of battery, these will be gone in seconds.


  • Talus - The LandCruiser can kill Taluses but it has some trouble doing this efficiently depending on where the vulnerable rock is located and if the firing angle of the guns can reach it. As long as you keep distance between you so it's using ranged attacks, you can simply stop the vehicle to recharge your battery without taking damage.


  • Gleeok - Gleeoks have a special wind attack and physical attack that will despawn Zonai devices when hit. Your best bet is to use a different device or ensure that you're only using this when they've been stunned (which means getting in / out multiple times to shoot them in the eye).
  • Flux Construct - Construct physical attacks will despawn Zonai devices and this machine is too slow to escape them. Moreover most Flux Constructs are located in places that are hard to reach by land so the land vehicle part of this typically doesn't make sense.

Next Steps

Let me know how you like the LandCruiser and if you've found any other Zonai creations you like more for land warfare.

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