[Series] The Nature of Code - Godot 4 + F#

Date: 2023-04-15 | series | create | ctech | godot | fsharp | the-nature-of-code |

I've been diving back into Creative Coding ever since I quit my full-time job as a Software Engineer. Godot has long been near the top of my list for its lightweight, performant attributes which I think will let me build higher scale visuals over time.

I've used The Nature of Code as a guide and reference for kicking off Creative Technology journeys in the past with JS, Python, and C#. I'm planning on using it again to help get reacquainted with graphical programming, this time in F#.

This page will serve as a hub for linking my experiments as I work through the exercises in The Nature of Code using Godot 4 + F#.

If you're looking to get started with Godot 4 and F#, checkout my setup guide: Godot 4: Script with F#.


I'll include each exercise I work through here including the core source code and a general walkthrough of how it works. If you're a HAMINION supporter you also get access to the full project files to clone and run locally.

WIP: Exercises incoming!


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