Release: Creation Cycle - Effective Meeting Template

Date: 2023-02-12 | creation-cycle | product-cycle | meetings |


Meetings are expensive. Often they don't accomplish their goal and are ineffective. Yet we do them all the time.

The three most common meeting pitfalls I've observed are:

  • No goals / bad preparation
  • Off-topic discussions
  • Forgotten / unclear outcomes


A good meeting agenda can solve most of these leading to more effective meetings and less wasted time / resources.

I've crafted a generalized template for meetings that solves for these problems, battle-tested across years of collaboration and 1000s of individual meetings:

  • Clear goals
  • Clear discussion topics
  • All info in one place
  • Easy to access, search, and parse
  • Collaboration-first (both sync and async)

It's improved the Creation Cycles for me and the teams / orgs I've worked with and I think it'll help others out as well.

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