Run F# / .NET in Docker (Console App)

Date: 2022-10-19 | fsharp | dotnet | docker |


Containers are useful for building projects that can run anywhere. F# is my favorite programming language.

In this post I'll show you how to setup an F# console application and run it via Docker container.


Note: While you can run dotnet from inside a container without ever installing it on your machine, it's a bit more complicated and out of scope for this post.

Create a console application

First let's create a console application. We'll use the dotnet command (installed with the .NET SDK) to do this.

  • Create a repo
  • Run dotnet new console -lang f#

This should create a boilerplate repo that prints to console.

Dockerize F#

We'll be using Docker to containerize our F# console application.

Here's the code and we'll walkthrough what it does after:


# **Build Project**
FROM AS build

WORKDIR /source

# Copy fsproj and restore all dependencies
COPY ./*.fsproj ./
RUN dotnet restore

# Copy source code and build / publish app and libraries
COPY . .
RUN dotnet publish -c release -o /app

# **Run project**
# Create new layer with runtime, copy app / libraries, then run dotnet
COPY --from=build /app .
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "YOUR_APP_NAME.dll"]
  • Build Project - In the first section we are building / packaging our code to be run
    • We download the .NET SDK to build our code (
    • We copy our .fsproj (how we track dependencies, kind of like a package.json in JS world) and install with dotnet restore
    • We then create a runnable code package using dotnet publish
  • Run Project - In this section, we create a new container layer just for running code - we do this to get a more space efficient output image
    • Download ASP.NET which is needed to run our .dll and is smaller than the full SDK
    • Copy the packaged code we built earlier
    • Use dotnet to run our .dll

Note: You'll need to replace YOUR_APP_NAME.dll with the name of your created app. Typically the output .dll will match the name of your .fsproj file.

With this we should have a fully working console app. Now let's run it to make sure it works.

Running your F# Docker container

To run your container, use command:

docker run --rm -it $(docker build -q .)

(Command Source)

This command:

  • Builds the container in this folder with docker build
  • Runs the container (and cleans up any existing container) with docker run --rm

If this works correctly, you should see a console log originating from your program.fs.

In the dotnet new boilerplate I got, this was "Hello from F#"

Next Steps

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