This site runs on ads (and Ham)

Date: 2019-11-24 | ads |

This is a notice that this site and related (* sites run on ads.

why ads?

Because sites aren't free to host or at least I don't host my sites for free. Plus I like money. And this is an easy way to, potentially, make money doing what I'm already doing.

what kinds of ads?

So far I'm just running banner ads and the occasional affiliate ad in posts about something related. For banner ads, I usually don't curate the content that appears there so there'll likely be times where the ad content clashes a bit with the actual content (for the uninformed this is usually automatically chosen by ad-distributors' magic algorithms). I think most people are ad blind and those that aren't don't think banners detract too much from the content, so I think that edge case is worth the risk. If I find that it's constantly clashing, I'll look to change strategies.

For affiliate links, I'll try to only put links for things that I actually use / like. This is mostly because I want my monetization practices to be very easy for me which means as little work on top of writing a post as possible. Writing about shit I don't like (unless I'm trashing them) is a pain so likely not going to happen.

why did I write this?

Because I think you're supposed to have a disclaimer on your sites about ads or something like that. Also I wanted some written guidelines for monetization so I could iterate on them in the future.

Transmission complete.

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