HAMEATS: Dorm-style HamBoard

Date: 2019-05-29 | hameats | finance |

dorm-style hamboard


The goal of a HAMEATS is to be "a unit of creation that are a) consumable, b) cheap, and c) easy to create" - HAMEATS


The dorm-style HamBoard is a twist on the traditional charcuterie board that comes with crackers, 4 different types of cheeses, two types of meat, and a red wine all for less than $20 and with less than 5 mins prep time. Per serving, this comes down to somewhere between $5-7 depending on individual hunger / how many alcoholics you invited over.


food stuff

I bought everything from the TJ's on 14th street cause they are usually cheap, have a lot of fancy looking things, and are right next door to TJ's wine which is a must for random drinking nights like this. If you don't have a TJ's near you, hopefully you live in a low enough COL area to be able to whip something similar together.

I was opting for a slight variety in flavors but also shooting for a good price to volume ratio. idk what's good on a cheese plate besides that salami is usually there so I got a salami and then just found another meat that seemed like it'd have an exotic flavor and was ready to eat without extra cooking - that happened to be the chicken sausage.

  • cheese party tray (comes with like a yellow cheese, a white cheese, a white/yellow cheese, and pepperjack) - $5.49
  • sausage chicken andouille (it's like chicken but there's extra flavor) - $3.99
  • sliced hot calabrese (I think it just said salami) - 2.99
  • TJ's multigrain crackers - $2.29

total: $14.76 after tax

drink stuff

For wine, I just got a red pinot noir from TJ's wine shop for 4.99 cause I thought red was supposed to go with meat or something.

grand total: slightly less than $20

how to make

prep time: 5 mins (depends how long it takes you to open wine and format your HamBoard)

  • get plates out
  • open all packages
  • put things on plates in whatever format you want
  • get cups
  • open wine
  • pour wine
  • eat
  • drink
  • be merry

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