Nobody likes ties

Date: 2023-09-13 | reflect | apparel |

I don't like ties. I posit that most others don't either.

So here marks the beginning of my crusade to end ties as a normality (and especially as a requirement). From this day forward I'm going to do my best to never wear a tie again.

Join me.

Why people don't like ties

  • Uncomfortable
  • Faff to put on
  • Don't even look good


Nobody will argue that a tie makes an outfit "more comfortable". Thus we can reasonably say it is uncomfortable.

Why would I choose to wear something that's not comfortable?

Aside: I also think high heels are a ridiculous piece of apparel due to their lack of comfort.


Ties are a faff (I just learned that word, I like it). There are dozens (maybe more?) of different knots you can put them in not to mention thousands of different kinds / colors / patterns of ties, most of which suck.

So the whole ordeal to acquire, match, and put on a tie is a lot of effort with minimal reward.

I like my clothes to enhance my energy, not drag them down.

Ties don't look good

Okay for hundreds of years (maybe more, maybe less) the tie has been a symbol of power / put-togetherness. As part of a uniform, I can understand it as it sets those who belong vs those who don't - cause if you didn't need to wear the thing, nobody would ever wear it.

But we are no longer a society of suit wearing drones. Yes a lot of people still need to wear suits for their jobs and I feel for you.

But for the most part, these dress codes have become more lax because they don't actually have any impact on the job / work to be done.

Moreover today's fashion is notably moving away from ties. Yes they are still used in some traditional male shoots (male fashion has long been slow to progress) and as societal dialogue in others but for the most part they aren't the trend.

So they're not really good for:

  • Performance
  • Fashion / Aesthetics

So there's really no... point?

When to wear a tie

My goal is to never wear a tie again. I suppose if I'm ever dragged to court I will wear one as I wouldn't want to hurt my chances with the very powerful, traditional institution w controlling interests in my life.

But otherwise - never.

I think it's okay for others to make their choice and could see this being a good choice for those trying to stand out, do some <>fashion, or it makes them feel good (similar to heels).

But as a requirement to attend an event? Nah, I'm good.

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