2023.08: Release Notes

Date: 2023-09-05 | reflect | reflections | release-notes |

Been awhile since I put out a release notes so here goes.

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Spent a lot of time this past month enjoying and reconnecting with community here in NY and elsewhere.

  • Boston, MA - Megna's family friends
  • NY, NY - Maya visited us for a few weeks
  • Rogersville, TN - A family funeral
  • NY, NY - Various tourist adventures

Generally I think I've been more mindful, intentional with the time spent with my close connections. I think that's a good thing.


Also played a lot of video games - got Baldur's Gate 3 and played a good 50+ hours.

  • Githyanki Wizard (should've chosen a high elf tbh) - Evocation (fire), Summoner (Earth Myrmidon, Fire minor, ghouls), glass cannon, mindflayer
    • Wyll - Warlock Fiend (default), Eldritch blast + counterspell focus w Imp and Air Elemental
    • Shadowheart - Cleric (Life), Radiant focus w Planar buddy Deva
    • Veryll Winder (sp.) - Ranger w Companion (Raven)

Was fun - prob won't play again unless a DLC comes out.

Next: Excited for Starfield. Also my wedding is next month.


I got a job!

Overall I'm really enjoying it and it's freed up a lot of mindspace as I've allowed the job to sit neatly in my Business Domain as I posited back in June. This has given me a much more clear separation between business and leisure which has been nice.

I'm not going to share details yet as I left my previous job after about 5 months and two in a row of those doesn't look good. But I hope to share more in the future if things continue going well.

In TECH and Shares - I'm building less but having more fun with them. So also a plus.


Now that I have a job again, I've been reorganizing my life again to find a good System.

The best thing to come out of this so far is moving my workouts to the morning. I've tried this several times over the years and it never stuck but I've now been doing it for about 3 weeks and can't remember a time I've felt as good / relaxed.

I think there are several factors to this:

  • More stable sleep schedule meaning morning workouts don't cut my sleep as much
  • Later start times allowing a more relaxed morning workout time (I don't log on til about 11 so I can do an 8-930 workout easily)
  • Clear separation of Business / Pleasure - workouts used to be an escape / something to procrastinate but my more rigid boundaries make clear benefits of finishing early to start the rest of the day.
  • Bribing myself with an ordered coffee to get me out of the house and starting to work out

Still experimenting with this one but early results are v good.

Finance: Still awful but now that I have income again planning to get it on track.

Happiness: =)

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