2023.04: Release Notes

Date: 2023-04-30 | reflect | reflections | release-notes |

It's now been about 1 month since I quit my job. I'm feeling calm. Refreshed. And maybe a little... bored?

I'm starting to believe that I've been a little burnt out this past year. I've seen some interesting changes in the past month off and I'm excited to see what the next few months bring.


  • Played lots of video games
  • Hung out with people
  • Researched a bunch of stuff - F#, Godot, ChatGPT, ThreeJS, Pickleball


I've rekindled my interest in Creation.

Removing "mandatory" Creation from my life has allowed me space to ponder what it is I want to do and how to approach it. Creation is still central to that vision.

I think I lost interest / passion with it when I lost a sense of greater purpose / vision for why I was doing what I was doing. It went from an enjoyable journey to a reluctant slog.

Taking a step back to think about the "why" behind this practice and allowing myself to just enjoy it again has been helpful and probably something I should systematize more regularly.


I've had two primary learnings in this first month of solopreneurship:

  • The purpose of Business is primarily to sustain yourself - it can bring purpose / fulfillment but it should not be a primary driver of this
  • Creating sustainable businesses solo is hard - It's largely a game of chance * execution. My execution still needs work but even if it's 100%, chance may not be supportive.

My takeaway from this is that the most important thing is for Business to fit the life I want to live. Previously I think I've asked too much of this Domain and that's led to misguided goals and expectations. Moving forward, I'm hoping to take a more measured, practical approach to this bucket.

In terms of concrete changes:

  • Removed Career -> Business is enough
  • Greater focus on balancing across Domains
  • Realizing that having a job isn't so bad, but it's a matter of approaching it with a healthy perspective

Also: My Endless Game has always consisted of running my own things. I still want to do that but I don't think it needs to be true for me to be happy, nor does it preclude Business fulfillment by working for another entity. These are both viable tactics for fulfilling Business goals.

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This Domain is refactored back in and I'm enjoying it.

I removed this Domain about a year ago (previously called Art). I wasn't feeling satisfied with my Creations and was largely feeling that my life was unbalanced and I wasn't doing things that mattered.

This feeling of imbalance kicked off a host of refactors:

  • Creation and Restructure of The Creation Cycle
  • Quitting my job at Instagram
  • Quitting my job at Reddit

And of course removing this Domain.

But it's back. Removing work from my life has given me a lot of room to really think about how I want my life to be structured:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What do I want the journey to be like?
  • What actually matters? What are needs / wants / wishes? Essentials / non-essentials?

And I realized (again) that I really like just creating stuff to create stuff. That's fun. And it's okay to do things just cause they're fun.

So CTECH is here, hopefully to stay.

CTECH is a portmanteau of Creative Technology. The whole term is too long and formal and it makes me think too much of visual arts which doesn't fit what I want from this domain.

What I want from this Domain is to really explore different possibilities with technology. Some will be visual arts but that's such a small section of what's possible. I think I like exploring all sorts of different things so I don't get bored so this hopefully empowers more of that.



Nothing really to Share here. I've been feeling a lot more comfortable in what I share and how - I think that's led to much better quality productions for a fraction of the time / effort it used to take me.

Shares remains a core Create Domain.

Posting regularly on YouTube and Shorts get shared around to my socials whenever I create them.


It's funny how imbalances can happen slowly over time and you don't realize it for awhile - hindsight is 20/20.

On the other hand I often think about how our perceptions as historians are also skewed. What we need in this moment is likely different than what we needed in a previous moment so what we perceive as an imbalance now may actually have been onbalance then.

So what I'm really saying is that for my present Self, my previous life cycles are not balanced. I aim to balance them.


I'm getting back into fitness, albeit slowly. It's brought me a lot of satisfaction - as it has every single time I've remembered I liked it.

I've really let this slip over the past few years and I think I've paid the cost both mentally and physically. My excuse was there's nothing I'm working towards and thus it shouldn't be a priority for my time.

But I think that's a recurring failure of how I've goaled these past few years - to assume that something without a clear goal is thus pointless. It's not necessarily so - it's very possible the point of a thing is the thing itself.

Fitness is largely connected to Health + Happiness and those are directly connected to my ability to bring about Positive Impact. Thus we can conclude that Fitness is an enabler of my top 3 values in life and thus has more importance than the thing itself.

One of these days I'll get back into college shape.


Lulul I don't make money so this is going fine.


I'm still feeling anxious about what I want to do in life. But I think this has largely been productive - I've taken it as a sign that there's some misalignment happening between my visions, goals, plans, and current understanding of the world / myself. So far it's been fruitful - leading to large changes in how I view life.

I expect more realizations to occur through the next few months and then less as I approach some sort of understanding alignment. At that point I think I'll know what I want to do next.

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