Release notes: October 2021

Date: 2021-11-02 | release-notes | reflections |

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I'm alive. I did stuff. I'm going to go do more stuff and tell you about it later.

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Mission: Build a better world.

Tracking Metric:

  • 7/10 productivity

Projects have been slow for me. Still building out The Monoverse. I think sometimes things take time and sometimes you ahve to take your time. That's what I'm doing.

More to come soon.

Also will start building Businesses again this month. Maybe.

Also started participating and goaling on some environmental health causes via Climate Reality Project. More soon.


Mission: Create value, change the world, build a legacy.

Tracking Metrics:

  • 7/10 meaningful impact

Things have been pretty hectic at work.

  • A lot more stability issues
  • I'm a lot more comfortable in my space

Together this means I get pulled into a lot more things and have more wherewithal to actually fix things. This is leading to more progress but also a lot more cycles spent in this area.

One good thing is I'm getting a lot of practice root causing issues in large systems. I think that's a good skill to have.

Also the office serves sushi again =)


Mission: Build a strong foundation.

Tracking Metric:

  • 6/10 best self

I've been spending a lot. Haven't been working out much. Been meditating more.

I think I really need to work on the exercise thing - it pays dividencs in many corners of my life and right now I could use some virtuous cycles.

On a high note, I finally achieved 35% FI. Curious to see if there'll be a market correction soon which would change that.


Mission: Experience life.

Tracking Metric:

  • 8/10 best adventure

We really been doing a lot.

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  • Atlanta, GA
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  • Scranton, PA

and many other adventures in NY.


Mission: Lead a happy, healthy, and impactful life.

Tracking Metric:

  • 7/10 Best Ham = (7 + 7 + 6 + 8) / 4

Things are going pretty well. Even when I'm not doing optimally, many of my systems can lead me through with a solid B. That's good.

I've been working on a lot of stuff I ahven't shared yet - hoping to manifest that before end of year.

Feeling like the biggest gap for me right now is focusing on my Self. Giving myself time to be.



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