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In July, I restarted my Systems, built new Monoliths, reached 5,000 users, and hamventured around New York.


July was one of the best months of the year. Mosty because I was mindful and intentional in how I spent my time and effort.

This general presence boosted my mood, energy, and general satisfacion with life. It's been a good month.

I think there are a few key factors that together helped improve my month:

  1. Exercise - Exercise seems to be a keystone habit for me. If I do this, I'm more likely to do others - a virtuous cycle.
  2. Systems / Chores - I cleaned up my space physically and mentally and that's given me a lot of headspace and calm.
  3. Projects - With the extra energy and headspace I started building projects again which proved to be exciting and refreshing.

Next month I'm headed to Alaska for a half marathon. I'm definitely not going to hit a PR here but I'm hopeful I can at least run the whole thing.


I started building again! It felt good.

This month was an art month so I focused my creations and shares on art.

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I dove back into Monoliths with Monolith of Emission - exploring lighting in 3D virtual space. I published 9 instances this month and got a lot of ideas for future Monoliths based on my learnings this month.

Stay tuned.

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I've continued to release new videos and articles semiregularly on HAMY.LABS and my HAMY LABS YouTube Channel.

That work seems to have paid off with this month's reach hitting 5,000 users for the first time since July of 2020 (and what looks like the first positive trend since January).

I've started aligning the shares I do with the projects I'm currently working on which has improved my project cycle in several ways: reducing context switching, solidifying my learnings, and increasing reach for each project. I was worried when I started this that I'd be overwhelmed but this process seems like a solid positive.


Explored around New York and shifted more towards experiential interactions than consumptive ones. I tend to do this cyclically so no idea if this will be a long term thing or not.

Some highlights:

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  • Coney Island
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  • Touring NY


My career has taken a backseat wrt my reflection process. This month I did some reflection on what I want out of this focus and how I can refactor my systems to support that.

To me, my career is more about the impact I want to have in my lifetime whereas work is just kinda the effort output.

Think busy vs productive.

So I've renamed my work focus to career as it jives better with my HAMY OS.

At my current job and in my projects I've been really focused on understanding the long term vision and biggest problems of efforts. I'm currently of the mind that the way you get shit done is:

  • Establish a vision of where you want to go
  • Identify the problems in your way
  • Execute on solving those problems

This seems to work pretty well across scales (personal projects, planet scale companies) and disciplines (Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, personal growth) as a way to make progress in whatever it is you're trying to progress in. It's so obvious yet I see myself and others miss this so often.


This has been my best month of the year. But I'm still not up to my peak and further still from my potential.

I can't go from Joe to Pro in one month, but I can set my vision, look at the obstacles in my way, and execute on a system to get me there. That's what I'm doing.

Journey > Destination where Destination != null.


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