Release Notes: November 2019

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This month I migrated my primary sites to a new theme, made several collabs with friends near and far, made it to the front page of Hacker News (for like 5 mins), and hamventured in CDMX, SF, and NYC.


This month, my focus in #projects was to fortify my existing efforts such that they were presentable for my upcoming end-of-year reflection and they were as sustainable as possible as I likely won't be back to improve them for some time.

As part of this effort, I created and distributed a new website theme across my primary domains, updated moon-eye with a new landing page and backing algorithm, collabed with a few people using these upgraded projects, and made various other enhancements / quality checks.

new site theme

The biggest thing I did (and likely most noticeable) is I changed site themes. I did this for several reasons but the most important ones for me was to increase maintainability and make the theme work better for my purposes. You can read more about my new theme, which I've dubbed hamship in this post.

upgraded moon-eye

Every time I take another look at moon-eye (my vanillaJS audio visualizer), I have the urge to tweak it. This month was no different.

Big changes were:

  • animation is smoother
  • algorithm works more consistently across different machines
  • algorithm can adapt better to differing sound environments
  • it has a better landing page

You can read more about the upgrades in this post

You can run it in your browser here

or just watch a demo:


I created and uploaded two more moon-eye demos:

  1. Trillions' YSAB Crowded Island mix

  2. Griffin Hanekamp's Convergence mix

I tested out a new project I've been working on called marquee on images from Megna's Q3 gallery. Here's an example:

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Her gallery is super good and features a lot of images of me (which makes it even beter!!1). If you're interested check it out.

other projects

  • I verified the quality of prints from my shop and they actually came out super well! I was a little worried as I've had mixed experiences with remote printers before, but I'm pleased.
  • migrated my portal project to use the new version of my custom generative art library. Nothing changed visually, but it's now much more maintainable. For the uninformed, here's an example output of portal:
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  • made optimizations to my hamventures creation process so it's now a little faster and a little less tedious. #smallwinsaddup
  • I created a minimal design system for my brand and online properties to make decisions and building blocks easier as well as to tell a more cohesive brand story across my vast array of random projects. It's not complete (#wereonly1%done) but it's a start. I really like just writing stuff like this down somewhere because then I can revisit and improve it vs having to restart sometime. Seems more incrementally improvable.
  • My submission to Hacker News got to the front page! For a hot sec. I was planning on doing a follow up post analyzing the impact, but my site seems to still be riding the traffic wave from that feature, so pushing back til next week to hopefully get a more complete picture of the long-term impact on my site. This is likely gonna throw off my site stats a lot, but I think that's a good thing.


This month I was really focused on getting back into my habits. I was traveling for 12 of the last 35 days which can really upset your habits, regardless of the processes you put in place to mitigate them.

So far I'm back into:

  • budgeting
  • exercising
  • eating cheaply and healthily
  • learning
  • meditating

I've fallen off a little bit in yoga and running but I have hopes to change that.

On top of getting back into old habits, I also created some new ones. The biggest change was adding in a new Trello board to my arsenal that holds just active projects and their highlevel roadmaps. I connected this to a Gantt chart provider which allows me to visually schedule these longer term plans into chunks / milestones.

I need more time to vet and optimize my process, but I have high hopes that this will allow me to better plan for projects longer than a month, better stay on track for all my projects, and give me more confidence that I have visibility into all of my responsibilities.

Will likely post about my process and how it works in the future.


This month my focus in #adventure was to rekindle my interest for and community in New York. As I mentioned earlier, I've been traveling a lot which not only means that I wasn't in the city much to gallavant around but also when I was I was tired from traveling and didn't want to do much.


The hamventures restarted again after an ~3 week hiatus while traveling. I didn't do much cause cause #otherobligations but it's a start in the right direction.

What I did:


There were a ton of non-hamventures this month which were v fun. Means I probably need to step my game up a bit.

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  • Mexico City
  • SF for work
  • work dinners, HHs, off-sites
  • HoY's Nasty Baby
  • Tokyo Record Bar, Pegu Club, Canary Club


At work, just been working a lot, learning a lot, and still loving it. More updates soon.


Das it. Come back soon (like ~Dec 31, 2019 / Jan 1, 2020).


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