Release Notes: October 2019

Date: 2019-10-31 | release-notes | reflections |

In October 2019, I flew to SF, Mexico City, and SF again, started creating and executing my own projects at work, modified my dietary habits yet again, and released a new collab and several new prints.


In #adventure, I traveled a ton this month. It was fun, but I'm ready to take a break from it and get back to normal routines.

Where I went:

  • I went to SF for Demuxed, a tech conference focused on videos
  • I just got back from a trip to Mexico City for day of the dead
  • I'm currently on my way to SF for work
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I'll be back in NY later this week.

Travel has made Hamventures less valuable for me as I can't really participate from thousands of miles away. As such, I haven't been making them as much but hope to reinvest this winter as I settle back into the city.


At #work, I'm focusing on leading more projects and modifying my organization processes to scale better to the larger scope and wider breadth of responsibilities I'm taking on in my role. Historically I've kind of used the same organization process for my work and personal life which is nice because it keeps things simple and streamlined. But I think that current org has reached its breaking point - my personal life has never had so many in-depth, long-running projects and thus never evolved to handle that load. I'll be doing a lot of experimentation in the coming months. Hopefully I can retain a similar level of simplicity yet scale beyond my current bounds but most improvements don't come without tradeoffs, so we'll see.

Another thing I'm thinking about is how to best publicize what I'm doing at work in a way that's valuable but also within company policies. Typically you can talk about high level, abstract ideas but anything specific is off limits. In many cases this is still useful, but I think a lot of ideas can be a little too nebulous without specific examples and the best examples are real examples. I don't know the best way to go about this but one of the more attractive opportunities seems to be in the realm of public tech presentations and / or company-sponsored blog posts as it's both valuable to the company and can get the info out there.


For #self, I've been renewing my focus on mindfulness and health - like working out, eating better, and spending less. This is a constant struggle, as is life, but I think it's something that's worth putting effort into keeping front of mind.

I received some criticism around my new dietary habits that it was too complicated and not that effective. So I went back and investigated what I could do to make it better, from both a simplicity and efficacy lens. What I found was that if I switched to chicken and fish on weekdays, with monday being vegetarian, and weekends still being fair game for whatever, I reduce my food-based carbon output and resource usage by an additional 5% from my old diet, reaching total savings by dieting of ~22% with respect to carbon output and ~18% with respect to global resource usage from changes made this year. You can read more about my diet and these calculations in my 2019 Q3 review.

I call this new diet (minus the weekends) poulcetarian.


For #projects, I've been focusing on collabs. I think collabs are a great way to get out of your comfort zone, infuse your practice with new ideas, and to have a lot of fun in the process. Going to try to integrate this into my systems moving forward.

  • I released a collab with DJ/producer/friend Griffin Hanekamp, creating the cover art for his new mix Convergence
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  • I made some tweaks to moon-eye to make it smoother. I think it's less interesting to look at, but the smoothness is much closer to what I envisioned in the first place. It's not exactly where I want it, but it's progress. Since Griff just released his new mix, decided I'd try to use it to showcase the new behavior.

As always, you can play with it yourself on HAMY.LABS using your own music.

  • Starting collabs with a few more people, but trying to keep the WIP to a small number to ensure I have enough time and effort to allocate to make something worthwhile

  • Added additional prints from my #webz series to my store. I noticed that a lot of my outputs are not of a sufficient size to translate well to print, so I'm modifying my processes for future outputs to resolve this. Just might take awhile before they make it out there.

A #webz print

If you want updates on new product releases, follow my shop's instagram @hamy.brand

  • I don't love the shirt quality on my current prints in the store, so starting experimentation for replacement base shirts.

  • misc. others include

    • removing page views from the value section for my Project Pillars to try and focus more on projects that actually make an impact
    • started to use my screensavers as a form of guerilla marketing for my art and it's been pretty effective

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